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We combine traditional oil and gas production with future energy options.

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Lithium & Geothermal pilot projects in the Salzwedel/Altmark region 

In March 2023 we were awarded two production licences in the Altmark region, Saxony-Anhalt, including a permit to produce lithium and another for geothermal energy development. Neptune Energy is the first company in Germany to be awarded with a production licence for lithium, providing exclusivity for one of the most promising lithium reservoirs in continental Europe. We plan to install several pilot facilities on site in 2024/2025 in order to evaluate the best technology for long-term production.

Adorf Carboniferous gas field in northwestern Germany

The Adorf gas field, in the Carboniferous formation, was discovered in 2020. Four wells (Adorf Z15, 16,17 and 18) began production in recent years, producing around 8,200 boepd from the licence area. The Adorf field supplies enough gas to heat more than 200,000 households. Two dedicated processing plants for treatment of the gas have also been built on site. The Adorf Carboniferous field is one of the most exciting discoveries in Germany in recent years and Neptune has plans to further develop the field which is is 100% owned by the company.

Return sites to nature in western Germany

After the final shutdown of production operations we safely plug depleted wells. Adopting a professional approach, specialists secure the well sites and seal them up to ground level. This restores the environment to its original state and the land can be used for agriculture or forestry purposes once again. In western Germany we are currently implementing a back-to-back campaign with two rigs, plugging 12 oil wells and seven gas wells in 2024. All operations are carried out with an extremely high focus on safety, efficiency and environmental conservation.